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Almost 375,000 tourists visit Hanoi during Tet holidays

The number of international tourists to the capital city of Hanoi are estimated to rise by 30% to 125,000 people during the week-long Tet (Vietnamese New Year) festival, according to the municipal Department of Tourism.

One day at Muong Culture Space Museum

The Muong Culture Space Museum is located in a small limestone valley in Hoa Binh city, about 70km from Hanoi.

2018 Spring Press Review

VOV.VN - Vietnamese leaders’ New Year messages and major national events last year were front-paged on the lunar New Year edition of newspapers. Vietnamese people at home and abroad jubilantly celebrating the New Year has been reported widely.

Vietnam looks like an entire different kingdom in these 1990s photos

These two-decade old snaps offer a rare look into the past.

11 places for coffee break from Tet party spree

These coffee shops in Hanoi and Saigon open through the holiday, offering a quick escape from beer parties.

Thousands queue for blessings in calligraphy at Vietnam's first university

Many had to wait at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi for hours to get blessings written in calligraphy on the first day of the Year of the Dog.

Year-end party in Vietnamese families

VOV.VN - The Lunar New Year festival or Tet is of great spiritual significance to Vietnamese people. Traditionally, New Year activities mainly take place within families. The last day of the lunar year is the time for family.

Fireworks light up the sky as Vietnam welcomes Lunar New Year

Vietnamese across the country greeted the new lunar year with fireworks, traditional food offerings and prayers for good health and prosperity.

Hanoi has three more national heritage icons

The capital city of Hanoi has had three national intangible heritage icons recognised.

Tradition of making Chung cake for Tet

VOV.VN - Making Chung cake for the Lunar New Year is an aged-old tradition of Vietnamese people. Chung cakes are meaningful gifts and an indispensible offering on the ancestral altars during Vietnam’s biggest festival of the year.

Central, local hospitals fully prepared for Tet

All hospitals at both central and local levels in Hanoi have carefully prepared for emergencies during Tet (Lunar New Year).

A stroll around Hanoi’s lively Tet markets

One of the oldest traditions that define the Lunar New Year in Hanoi is the city’s markets where people not only shop for flowers and goods but also bask in the cheerful atmosphere.